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Your Free Online Photography Lessons

With the basic lessons on Best Photo Lessons you can begin to take better photos of any subject and get more enjoyment from your photography. AND, all 12 of the basic lessons plus lots of other tips and techniques are free on Best Photo Lessons. You'll find this is a great online photography school to make better use of your camera, whether it is a dSLR or pocket camera or even your smart phone camera.

A FREE Online Photography Course

There are many lessons in the Camera Basics and 12 specific subject lessons which go together to create a photography course that will take you from newbie to skilled. The lessons are arranged in an order that will systematically build your skills with your camera – but once you've done the course, don't be afraid to skip around and review specific lessons, you may have some skills already or you may have a camera which doesn't do the specific settings needed for a few of these lessons. Don't worry, do what you can and shoot lots.

There are also some paid resources such as a couple of the eBooks for sale plus an Amazon.com powered bookstore - check them both out.

We'd love your feedback on what is here, so please leave comments .

And don't forget, one of the absolute best ways to improve your photography is get out there and shoot.

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Free Online Photography Lessons

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